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Social Services Assistant

Position Responsibilities

As a Social Services Intern at our outpatient public health monitoring and psychosocial support program, your role will be integral to our mission of providing comprehensive care to individuals dependent on heroin. In this ambulatory medical and psychosocial program, which utilizes proximity strategies with methadone administration, you will have a unique opportunity to contribute to the well-being of our community and enhance your skills in the field of public health. Detailed responsabilities will be discussed during your interview with your supervisor.

  • Patient Support and Engagement:
    • Assist in the daily activities related to patient care and support, fostering a safe and inclusive environment for individuals seeking assistance.
    • Engage with program participants to build rapport, understand their unique needs, and provide empathetic support.
  • Data Collection and Monitoring:
    • Contribute to the collection and analysis of health data, ensuring accurate and timely documentation of patient information.
    • Collaborate with the healthcare team to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the program in meeting its objectives.
  • Community Outreach:
    • Participate in outreach initiatives to raise awareness about the program and its services within the community.
    • Collaborate with community organizations and stakeholders to strengthen connections and promote the program's accessibility.
  • Education and Counseling:
    • Assist in educational activities aimed at promoting health and harm reduction practices among program participants.
    • Contribute to counseling sessions, providing support and information on available resources for rehabilitation and social services.
  • Administrative Support:
    • Aid in the coordination of program logistics, including scheduling, record-keeping, and communication with program participants.
    • Assist in the preparation of reports and presentations to share program outcomes and insights with relevant stakeholders.
  • Quality Improvement Initiatives:
    • Participate in ongoing quality improvement efforts, contributing ideas and insights to enhance the effectiveness of the program.
    • Collaborate with the team to implement changes and improvements based on feedback and evaluation data.
  • Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals:
    • Work closely with healthcare professionals, including physicians and social workers, to ensure a holistic and coordinated approach to patient care.
    • Attend team meetings and contribute to the development and refinement of care plans.

About the Organization

An outpatient public health monitoring and psychosocial support program, offering methadone administration under low threshold requirement. The central aim is to offer support and connect with individuals that are dependent on heroin (with or without the consumption of other illicit or licit substances) and for a variation of reasons, may or may not be able to make use of other rehabilitation facilities and other health or social services. This is an ambulatory medical and psychosocial program, based on proximity strategies with methadone administration.

On-site Supervision and Support

Our internships include 24/7 on-site staff to support students working and living abroad. All students will also report to a supervisor at their internship site. Supervisors provide and oversee daily tasks, introduce the intern to team members, and mentor the intern in organizational agility, skill acquisition, and career readiness. Interns complete a midpoint and final evaluation, and supervisors complete a final evaluation of their interns. All work responsibilities and projects are approved in advance. 

Academic Credit

Students on an internship have the opportunity to enroll in their home university for credit, or enroll in a course through API to transfer back to their university for credit. Email for more information and a syllabus.

Housing and Excursions

Housing and excursions are included in your internship and will be selectable during the application process.