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Financial Institution & Policy Analyst, LISCC MAP/Integration

Position Description

Financial Institution and Policy Analysts perform the following responsibilities under regular supervision:
  • Perform quantitative and/or qualitative analyses in support of FRB mission, Division goals, and Section objectives
  • Assist senior staff by providing support, information, or analysis
  • Prepare and deliver clear, accurate and concise communication orally and in writing
  • Share information and ideas regarding projects and work for Section/Project Teams/Division or external stakeholders
  • Perform assigned project tasks and lead well-defined tasks within a project
  • Support Section or Division in areas of expertise
  • Begin to develop areas of expertise

Financial Institution and Policy Analysts at the Federal Reserve Board may play many roles related to their jobs. They are responsible for a combination of the following roles:

  • Examination and Supervision
  • Participate in and/or lead examinations and/or reviews
  • Support and implement supervision and/or oversight policies and programs

  • Data Analysis
  • Helps identify relevant issues and trends and draw conclusions through analysis of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Helps identify data that can be used to analyze policy

  • Financial Analysis
  • Supports in performing analysis of financial, regulatory, and compliance data and information in support of Division/Section's area of responsibility
  • Clearly present analyses of financial, regulatory, and compliance data
  • Helps identify relevant issues and trends and draw conclusions through analysis of financial, regulatory, and compliance data
  • Policy
  • Helps to interpret and/or implement policy, regulation, and/or guidance
  • Participate in drafting policy recommendations supported by logical reasoning and sound analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Helps to identify and analyze emerging risks in financial institutions and markets, and/or for consumers and communities
  • Apply appropriate risk management frameworks and policies to support oversight of financial institutions

Supervision and Regulation (S&R): Financial Institution and Policy Analysts perform analyses related to banking supervisory or regulatory activities. They may participate in special studies or projects related to financial institution supervision and regulation, and identify problems or potential problems in the banking system or individual banking organizations. They also prepare memoranda, reviewed by their supervisor, to keep the Board, Division Management, and the Division Oversight Committee informed on developing trends and issues in the financial environment.
About the Team
The Division of Supervision and Regulation is seeking highly motivated individuals with keen interests in economics, finance, and policy to join the Large Institution Supervision Coordinating Committee (LISCC) Monitoring and Analysis (MAP) team at the Federal Reserve Board. The LISCC program is responsible for the supervision of U.S. global systemically important banks and its primary objective is to maintain safe and competitive U.S. and global banking systems. 
The MAP monitors and analyzes select risks within the LISCC portfolio to inform supervisory planning, prioritization, and policy making. In executing its responsibilities, the MAP gathers and synthesizes information from LISCC firms and collaborates extensively with colleagues across the FRS. MAP deliverables include brief and in-depth analysis that leverage MAP’s extensive access to FRS supervisory intelligence, regulatory data, and experts. The MAP’s topical orientation is broad and flexible, covering the full range of potential credit, market, liquidity, operational and other risks facing LISCC Supervision firms. Because of its broad remit and need to produce rigorous and impactful analysis, the MAP team’s process emphasizes thorough and probing engagement with experts throughout the FRS. 

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

The staff member would perform the following responsibilities under regular supervision:

•   Identify and analyze risk themes in close collaboration with FRS colleagues in a matter that fully deploys the MAP’s extensive access to supervisory intelligence, FRS experts, and other sources.
•   Work with MAP colleagues in guiding intelligence gathering efforts at LISCC firms to better identify, understand, and respond to emerging risks in a timely manner.
•   Regularly present and socialize analytical work to improve risk identification, examination, and policy efforts.
•   Contribute to MAP Core Team initiatives across a range of areas as needed (e.g., technology, communication, and engagement strategies, etc.).
•   Develop and engage a broad network of LISCC and FRS contacts to inform emerging risk analysis and enhance its impact in supervisory planning, examination, and policy activities.
•   Contribute to Board projects, including Board briefing notes, policy-related analysis, discussions with international regulators, and similar matters.

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, business administration, public policy, economics, or another related field and a minimum of 1 year of related experience
  • Master’s degree in a related field
  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, business administration, public policy, economics, or another related field and a minimum of 2 years of related experience
  • Master’s degree in a related field and 1 year of related experience

Must know the terminology associated with these competencies and be capable of applying these competencies under supervision:

  • Data Collection & Analysis: The ability to collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data
  • Financial Analysis: The ability to conduct financial analyses to identify patterns, trends, or themes in financial or operational data
  • Risk Management: The ability to utilize risk management principles to evaluate and mitigate potential risks
  • Knowledge of Financial Markets and Institutions: The ability to apply an understanding of how financial markets and institutions are impacted by changes in regulations and policy and vise-versa.
  • Reviews and Examinations: The ability to participate in or lead reviews and/or examinations of Reserve Banks or other financial institutions
  • Knowledge of Relevant Policy: The ability to interpret, apply, and recommend changes as needed to policies specific to areas of responsibility
  • Knowledge of Relevant Law and Regulation: The ability to interpret and apply law and regulations related to areas of responsibility; evaluate the impact of changes in law and/or regulation

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Intellectual Curiosity and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Strong intellectual curiosity, agility, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills as demonstrated by the ability to quickly assimilate new information, including across a range of financial and risk disciplines, make sound decisions and, as appropriate, challenge status quo thinking.
  • Demonstrated Interest in the Financial System and Banking:
  • Should be able to explain their interest in the financial system, banking, related activities, government regulation thereof.
  • Should demonstrate curiosity about how supervision and regulation affect firm behavior and risks to the financial system. 
  • Demonstrated Interest or Understanding of Relevant Financial Topics:
  • Risk Management, Reviews and Examinations, and Financial Markets and Institutions.
  • Demonstrated Interest or Experience related to Data Skills and Financial Analysis:
  • Some experience or interest in, learning how to analyze, interpret and present data.
  • Interest in developing analytical and programming skills in programs such as Excel, Python, R, etc. under the mentorship of senior staff.
  • Communications Skills:
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to synthesize key ideas.
  • Ability to effectively communicate highly complex topics to different target audiences with various levels of understanding.
  • Strong collaborative/interpersonal skills

  • This position will require willingness to live in or near Washington D.C. for an on-site presence.
  •  This position will likely require travel (including overnight stays) up to 10-15%
  • A writing assessment will be administered throughout this selection process.
  • Board LISCC is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce. We recognize the benefit derived from different perspectives and experiences, and we look carefully at candidates’ records to identify individuals whose interests and perspectives could benefit our work. As such, we especially encourage submissions from individuals interested in finance, policy, and economics who are from groups traditionally less represented in those fields.