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**Must have served at least one year in an AmeriCorps Program to qualify**
WAFCC's mission is to support, strengthen, and advocate for the uniqueness of the Wisconsin free and charitable clinics, the patients they serve, and the communities with whom they partner. Help build the capacity of WAFCC and host-sites and to raise awareness and while developing resources to combat poverty and the substance abuse epidemic. 
1. Communicate regularly with VISTA members.
2. Provide resources and support to VISTA members
3. Organize professional development opportunities for VISTA members.
4. Assist with collection of and editing of reports
5. Help recruit VISTA members
6. Foster support for the WAFCC VISTA programs.

Communicate regularly with VISTA members:
  • Coordinate member monthly check-ins with Executive Director and Standards Manager via Google Hangouts or in person meetings 
  • Coordinate site visits to assess progress with Executive Director and Standards Manager, within four months of the VISTA member beginning service 
  • Update and monitor VISTA project; utilize Facebook page and develop online presence using other social media
  •  Answer member questions and direct them to appropriate resources 
  • Provide information on grants, trainings, and other resources
  • Announce relevant trainings, conferences, workshops, and seminars; coordinate funding and travel as needed 
  • Address VISTA member requests for trainings in collaboration with Executive Director and Standards Manager
  •  Connect sites with other statewide resources
  • Distribute monthly VISTA member & VISTA host site newsletter; solicit contributions, write regular column, research resources, and/or contact alumni for submissions
  •  Check in one-on-one with VISTA members on a regular basis
  • Survey VISTAs periodically on their satisfaction; design programming and teambuilding activities as need; seek funding when applicable
Provide resources and support to VISTA members
  • Help to develop and distribute VISTA member binders
  • Assist with relocating VISTA members
  • Help guide VISTA member VAD progress
  • Design recognition materials for VISTA members (letter from State Superintendent, certificates, etc.).
  • Collect, compile, and share VISTA member created resources on the Google Site and other ways
  • Develop online scavenger hunt for VISTAs to discover relevant websites and online resources (including WAFCC, member clinics, VISTA campus, CNCS, DPI EHCY, etc.)
  • Manage VISTA member Google site
  • Manage VISTA Google Community to foster connections between members
  • Work with VISTAs to develop End of Year (EOY) presentations at each site to share successes and results with the site and greater community
  • Attend EOY presentations if possible; coordinate for Executive Director and Standards Manager to attend EOY presentations 
Organize professional development opportunities for VISTA members.
  • Work with Executive Director and Standards Manager to develop VISTA member on-boarding training session and binder
  • Organize topical web conferences on monthly themes: branding, evaluation, media relations, grant writing, sustainability, Life After VISTA, volunteer management, and etc.
  • Organize monthly Book Club; research books on social justice, health care, leadership, etc; develop VISTA member study guides; seek sponsorships and donations for Book Club.
  • Recruit VISTA members to help facilitate webinars focused around problem solving and strategizing Member Activity: Tap into WAFCC Board of Directors, Committees, Volunteers, and Host Sites with expertise to help lead webinars and offer professional development
  • In collaboration with VISTA members, help to organize and facilitate a VISTA book group or movie club around relevant media
  • Promote (and attend) statewide training and conference opportunities as applicable
  • Work with Standards Manager to organize and facilitate end-of-year Recognition event for VISTA members
Assist with collection of and editing of reports.
  • Review monthly and quarterly reports and document requests for training, challenges, and successes
  • Provide email or phone feedback on all reports in a timely fashion
  • Share VISTA member accomplishments and resources with all members
  • Help edit quarterly reports with Executive Director and Standards Manager
  • Help collect and review data for Progress Report
  • Help develop and distribute member evaluations annually
  • Help develop and distribute surveys/interviews 
Help recruit VISTA members
  •  Develop brochures and flyers to promote available positions; update website and social media as applicable
  • Promote VISTA projects at job fairs, conferences, and college/university career centers
  • Market VISTA openings through Idealist, Facebook, and other online recruiting tools
  • Promote positions within WAFCC network; social media and word of mouth. Work with host-sites to promote within their networks
  • Distribute project information to all candidates
  • Help ensure candidates’ information is complete throughout selection process
  • Set up screening calls with all potential candidates to share information on project and expectations; coordinate with Executive Director’s schedule
  • Participate in interviews with Executive Director, Standard Manager, and/or site supervisors as needed
  • Distribute information binder to all candidates before service
  • Help recruit replacement VISTA Leader
Foster support for the WAFCC VISTA programs
  • Research grants to support program work
  • Generate in-kind donations for VISTA members including gift cards (food and fuel).
  • Connect with host sites to develop network of support for VISTA project and members
  • Ask host-sites to contribute to the VISTA monthly newsletter
  • Meet with WAFCC Executive Director at least quarterly
  • Conduct resource mapping of WAFCC and host-site resources and assets
  • Participate in VISTA project evaluation by helping to conduct phone surveys with former VISTA sites and recruit current VISTA members to participate
  • Participate in all Supervisor meetings and teleconferences
  • Attend VISTA sponsor network events
  • Develop a collaborative network with other Wisconsin VISTA sites projects
  • Work with Executive Director and Standards Manager to implement VISTA project advisory panel. Sit on VISTA project advisory board.
  • Present at annual Membership Meeting on updates of VISTA project, including EOY (end-of-year) presentation
  • Create asset map of statewide mentoring programs
  • Create program promotion materials, videos, and etc.