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Recent Graduate - Fall 2019, Consulting Intern | Mental Health Incubator, Harvard i-lab / MIT area

Do you want to learn how to improve the world? Ever wonder what it would be like to get in at the ground level working at a world changing organization like Y-Combinator or Google just as they started rapidly growing with a team of just twenty? Do you want to help world changing mental health entrepreneurs as they go from an idea to $XXM+ in funding?  

You will be working primarily with the founding and core team and will have a great opportunity to learn a lot of skills (aka super powers) from our C-level executives (CEO, COO, etc)! 
At Ignite Mental Health we’re building a non-profit Y combinator (incubator and venture builder) for passionate and strategically committed mental health entrepreneurs to help build breakthrough organizations, movements and products in mental health. We will produce organizations, movements and products that are as impactful as Facebook and Google which address the root causes of some of the biggest problems affecting global mental health. 
Become a member of a mission driven founding team that grew from the Harvard and MIT communities with expertise in fields as diverse as healthcare economics, user experience design, non-profit finance, sociology and psychology. 
As a Consulting Intern, you will perch atop a world-changing organization and have the chance to make your time here a truly transformative experience. You will have a unique opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in a fast-paced, supportive, and impact-driven environment. Working with a team who cares about your personal and professional growth will provide you the opportunity to work on the projects that you are most passionate about. On a daily basis, you will be exposed to new perspectives and different aspects of growing organization. Our hope is that your time with Ignite will be one of the transformative experiences of your life! 


  • Actively learning on the job and diving into new areas where you may have little expertise in.
  • Learning from mistakes and failed projects (you'll be wearing a lot of hats)
  • Amplify the efforts of our executive team (CEO, COO, VPs) and help implement our vision.
  • Help prototype and build mental health products that will have a huge impact.
  • Learn about and help maintain our team culture and uphold our values through creative ways.
  • Own the mission of our organization and wear whatever "hat" is necessary to achieve OKR's!
  • Team specific responsibilities will depend on the team you are placed on and can be discussed more during the interview process


  • Deeply passionate about improving mental health
  • Loves being productive and getting stuff done (GSD).
  • Experience in or willing to become a great navigator: constantly testing hypothesis and outlining strategy for pivoting when needed.
  • Personable: highly empathetic.
  • Relentless learner: you want to maximize your experience with us and learn as much as you can.

Our ambition is to build organizations, movements and products —unafraid of transforming traditional approaches—that tackle the root causes of some of the biggest problems affecting mental health.

Are you in?  
NB: This position is at a non-profit mental health incubator and is non-compensated. For candidates who are University /co-op we gladly invest best efforts in assisting you in securing of educational internships (for credit), financial stipends, financial fellowships or financial scholarships to cover your living and other costs while with us.